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너의 판타지속에

author: madelyn93  
pairing: Tablo/Hyukjae
rating: PG
word count: 900
a/n: i wrote this while listening to 너의 판타지속에 which means in your fantasy so i just named it that. no relation to the fic, really.

It was his moment. His song, his stage, his spotlight. Heechul slinked over to Sungmin and lovingly caressed the younger boy's face, leaning down dangerously close before pulling away. Sungmin kept the same mildly amused, I'm-hotter-than-you expression on his face and went on strumming his guitar nonchalantly, not even missing a beat. It was the fans' lucky day, all of them thought. Skinship! Before the crowd had finished screaming, Heechul was in front of Jungmo and oh, oh! What was this? He leaned down and met Jungmo's lips with own, kissing with hysterical screaming in the background for a few breathtaking seconds before breaking the kiss with a satisfied smirk.

Backstage, Tablo and Hyukjae were sprawled over the couches, watching the live happenings on the tiny TV screen. Hyukjae blinked and gasped softly.

"Damn, Heechul, that little slut," Tablo said affectionately, only mildly surprised because this was Heechul and if anyone was to do it, it just had to be Heechul.

"Hyung, we could..." Hyukjae trailed off, eyes wide in excitement, darting from Tablo to the screen.

Tablo caught what he was trying to say immediately. He held up both hands in front of him and shook his head furiously. "Oh no no, you could; I couldn't. See, the difference between me and you is that you can kiss all the boys you want and not girls while I can kiss all the girls I want and not boys. It's an unwritten rule," Tablo said with a determined firmness.

"Jungmo did it..." Hyukjae pointed out, glancing against at the screen where Heechul was now bowing graciously and skipping offstage.

"And I wonder how drunk Jungmo was when he agreed to that," Tablo said drily.

"But..." Hyukjae turned the full force of those EYES and his gummy smile at Tablo but Tablo had long learned how to withstand his charms.

"We're not resorting to any stunt that attention whore does," Tablo said firmly and that was the end of the discussion, much to Hyukjae's disappointment.

Tablo pretty much forgot about the incident until the next concert.

"Oh, hyung!" Hyukjae gasped, pointing frantically at the screen. He placed a hand on Tablo's thigh and started shaking him to get his attention. "HYUNG." His voice raised a few octaves in his urgency.

"I'm looking, I'm looking!" Tablo snapped. He gaped at the live video of Heechul teasing Shiwon (Of course he would never kissed God-loving Shiwon. Or rather, Shiwon would never let Heechul kiss him) and moving daintily across the stage to a ready Sungmin. After the (not-so-) shocking kiss, Heechul stuck out his tongue cheekily and the crowd went wild. Hyukjae blinked at Tablo with his long lashes, hopeful smile tugging on his lips.

"We are not kissing in public! Speaking of which," Tablo tilted his head back slightly and groaned. "Thank you Kim Heechul, for ruining Crazy for me forever." Hyukjae opened his mouth to say something but was silenced by Tablo with a finger. "I know what you're going to say. Hyung~" Tablo did an admittedly impressive imitation of Hyukjae and shook his head. "Not going to work, sweetheart."

"Fine." Hyukjae pouted and crossed his arms. He slumped into his chair and started grumbling about how Donghae never said no when asked to give fan service and if Sungmin agreed to it, why couldn't Tablo be more open-minded and God, it was just. one. kiss.

Tablo ignored him and wandered off to find some hard alcohol to erase the previous scene from his mind.


"Hyung, at the next concert, Heechul's doing a duet with me," Hyukjae said as he watched Tablo type furiously on the laptop. He expertly twirled a pen between his fingers, even throwing in a few complicated tricks for show.

"Uh huh." Tablo was buried in his work -work, work, work it was always work ever since Epik High quit Woolim- and was tuning Hyukjae out as best as he could.

"He says he'll do something extra special this time. He says it'll shock the whole industry!" Hyukjae announced cheerfully, bouncing up and down on the bed.

Tablo's head jerked up and the next thing Hyukjae knew, he was pressed up against the bed, being kissed like there's no tomorrow. Tablo's tongue pushed Hyukjae's lips apart impatiently, exploring the inside of his mouth, almost as he wanted to devour him. Shivers ran down Hyukjae's spine, not because of the cold -Tablo had a habit of turning the air conditioner up way high- but because of the stifling heat spreading out across him, the almost numbing feeling of pleasure shooting across every part of his body, driving him crazy. He felt tight, tight, tight all over and would've buckled over if Tablo wasn't pressing his limbs down so hard it hurt him.

Struggling a little, Hyukjae pushed Tablo away -reluctantly- and gasped, "Air." Tablo's eyes were wild and danced with frenzied fire. Between fluttering kisses down Hyukjae's nape, Tablo growled, "Do not. Let him. Touch you. Ever" Still dazed, Hyukjae could only nod to agree.

Hyukjae briefly thought of telling Tablo that Heechul's plans involved him prancing down the stage in a dress and a horse drawn carriage and basically being HEECHUL and living up to his name as a princess but that little piece of information could wait. Until tomorrow. Or maybe next week.

Tags: jungmo/heechul, tablo/hyukjae
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