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the hard life of kim joonmyeon

title: the hard life of kim joonmyeon
characters: suho, luhan, kai
rating: g
length: ~740w
summary: joonmyeon is the head prefect and dorm leader at exo high. jongin is a boy with many complaints.
a/n: i'm thinking of starting a series of highschool!au drabbles. i took artistic liberty with their ages btw. luhan is a senior at 19, because he took a year to study the language. i haven't decided how old everyone else is.

first in my HS!AU verse
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"just so you know," jongin pops his head into the common room where luhan and joonmyeon are having a study session one day, and says, "we're planning a hostile takeover of the dorm!"

joonmyeon pinches his bridge of his nose as he feels a headache coming on. this is why he remembers to bring tylenol on him at all times. trying to keep calm, joonmyeon pushes his homework away from him and takes a few breaths to gather his thoughts. "how could you let him do this?" joonmyeon turns to luhan, who is jongin's roommate and asks accusingly. “you are older. you are responsible. you are a prefect.”

luhan adopts an appropriately confused expression and cocks his head. "what is he saying?" he scrunches up his nose (despite himself, joonmyeon finds himself mentally aww-ing) and sounds out the words carefully. "hos-tail takeover? i don't know what he means." luhan's accent suddenly becomes a lot more pronounced, as is the case whenever the chinese male finds himself in a sticky or uncomfortable situation. his korean also adopts sudden lilts and pauses whenever he's trying to get the canadian transfer student, kris, to give him homework help. poor helpful kris still thinks that luhan is a struggling foreign student, when in reality luhan has a 4.0 GPA and places third in his korean class. his grammar is impeccable, even better than the korean kids.

"don't bullshit me! you speak fluent korean!" joonmyeon gestures at the homework in front of him. "you just corrected my grammar!"

luhan doesn't even has the decency to look sheepish; he just shrugs and shoves a potato chip in his mouth. joonmyeon gapes at him, wondering how he can have perfect skin with all the oily and unhealthy foods that the older boy has an obsession for.

"we," jongin slams a fist into his open palm, voice raising with each syllable, "will not-" slam! "-stand for such authoritarian rules!"

joonmyeon taps a pen against his chin. "who are 'we'?" should he get a check-up? he's sure that his blood pressure has been horrendous lately, especially after that incident where chanyeol licked the freezer on a dare and got his tongue stuck between the meat sections. now whenever joonmyeon sees chanyeol sucking baekhyun's face, he can't help but think about the germs that chanyeol has been in contact with. poor poor baekhyun. it must be hard having a boy with a double digit IQ as a boyfriend.

jongin swings an arm to point at luhan's general direction but luhan tries to discreetly shake his head (he fails. that tuff of swinging hair is too eye-catching), so jongin switches paths and waves his hand around wildly. "all of us! everyone in this dorm!" joonmyeon has never seen jongin this worked up over anything, not even when the cafeteria swapped cheeseburger tuesdays for tofu burgers. if only jongin spent as much energy on his assignments, he thinks sadly. then maybe he would stop being in danger of getting kicked out of the dance club for his painfully bad grades.

"and what rules exactly." joonmyeon continues as mildly as he can.

"no going out after 10pm on a school night! no drinking! no setting things on fire!" jongin shrieks. “just to name a few!”

"those are perfectly reasonable rules. you have class at 8am, none of you are legal-" ("um," luhan pipes up, "i am." he is ignored.) "-and you should never set things on fire!" joonmyeon's eyes are wide now, alarmed at the thought of jongin starting another incident. maybe jongin is the one that should be checked. how many fires do you have to start before you're diagnosed with pyromania?

"that was once," jongin hisses, jabbing a finger in the air.

"no one was hurt in that incident," luhan adds. "so maybe tao needed three months to grow his hair back, but he looked pretty good bald!" joonmyeon shoots him a death stare and luhan shrinks back, clutching his chips to his chest.

jongin lowers his head to effectively glare at joonmyeon. "prepare yourself, kim joonmyeon, we will see you in court tomorrow." with that, he sweeps his jacket out behind him dramatically and stalks out of the room.

"by court he means the student council meeting," luhan supplies helpfully.

joonmyeon groans and buries his head in his hands. become a prefect, they said! learn the wonders of responsibility! obviously the idiot who said that had never met the boys of the exo dorm.


so like. i have this tradition where the day before an important and heavy test i write fic. so here you go!

ohmygod bald tao

Tags: - au: high school, group: exo
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