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[filled requests]

two filled requests. unfortunately they were both anon, so how do i tell you that i wrote it?

all connected fics in this verse, in order:
the hard life of kim joonmyeon | you set me on fire, baby | personal boundaries do not exist when you're kim jongin | love is but an auction of the heart | epilogue

epilogue (i am lazy to think of a title ok)
pairing: suho/kai, kris/luhan
rating: pg
wordcount: 760w
request: how does joonmyeon deal with lukai?
a/n: basically, lukai are clingy. to understand better, read personal boundaries do not exist when you're kim jongin first.

this is weird. this is odd. when he agreed to date jongin, jongin never informed him that he came as a plus one deal. plus two, actually, if you count the plus one's own 187cm tall human baggage.

today is a friday night. friday nights are movie nights, and today is no different. as usual they have some cheesy chickflick on in their shared room, with a fresh bowl of popcorn in front of them. that is nothing new, either. what is new, is that jongin invited kris and luhan over to join them for the movie. joonmyeon has no problem with luhan and kris, but the situation in front of him is a bit hard to swallow.

"so um, you. and luhan," joonmyeon begins hesitantly as he sits cross legged on the floor, fingers picking at a loose thread on the carpet. he has to lift his voice slightly because there is a pillow fight breaking out on screen, one that started out friendly and is quickly turning surprisingly violent.

"me and luhan what?" jongin looks up from where he is absentmindedly running his fingers through luhan's hair.

joonmyeon stares at his boyfriend, opening his mouth to say something, but closing it again when he can't form a coherent sentence. eventually he settles on, "you and luhan that."

jongin is his boyfriend, and luhan is dating kris. they are all watching a movie together, so logically jongin and joonmyeon should be curled up at one end of the couch, luhan and kris curled up somewhere else. this is not the case. for one, joonmyeon is sitting on the floor, alone. secondly, kris is not even paying attention to the movie, choosing to hide in the corner with one of his photography magazines. and then there's jongin and luhan. luhan is settled comfortably between jongin's open thighs, right where joonmyeon should be. the two best friends are snuggled together and to any outsider, it would've appeared that jongin and luhan are one happy couple.

luhan smiles lazily, his lanky body stretched out against jongin's. "jongin is clingy. you have to forgive him." he says it matter-of-factly, like he is not currently lying against another boy, a boy that is not his boyfriend, and in front of said boy's actual boyfriend. that should be joonmyeon's arm that jongin is so lightly carressing. that should be joonmyeon playing footsie with jongin.

a small flicker of unfamiliar heat burns in the bottom of joonmyeon chest, an uncomfortable feeling that he cannot put a name to, something that tastes like jeal- joonmyeon thumps his abdomen lightly. he must be having indigestion.

"and you are okay with this," joonmyeon directs this question to kris. kris gives him a shrug, too used to jongin and luhan's mutual affection, and goes back to thumbing through his magazine.

joonmyeon is an easy going guy in general, and is always one to avoid conflict, but it really is his first time encountering such an absurd situation, and all that tightly bottled tension must have a release somehow. he shoots up straight, tipping over the bowl of popcorn in his lap, drawing a cry of protest from jongin.

"i am going to make out with kris!" joonmyeon declares, pointing at kris determinedly.

jongin murmurs a distracted "okay" and luhan shoots joonmyeon an amused grin. neither look jealous or remotely bothered.

the only person who looks troubled is kris. kris sticks a finger in his magazine to save a page and asks with a raised brow, "do i have to get out of this armchair?"

joonmyeon furrows his brow, but it's more of a frown of confusion than one of discontent. he resorts to using The Voice, the authoritative tone he uses when he is on official prefect duty and wants to sound intimidating. "kris, get off the chair."

kris sighs and unfurls his tall frame from the wicker chair. joonmyeon slips his hand into kris's, takes a second to marvel at how large kris's hands are, and drags him off to the kitchen.

"can we get some more popcorn please?" jongin calls after them.

kris gives joonmyeon's hand a consolatory squeeze and joonmyeon fights the urge to climb into kris's lap and sob.

(kris and joonmyeon become something close to bffs, bonding over a shared love of another pair of bbfs.

while kris is gelling joonmyeon's hair to make it look "magazine cover worthy", joonmyeon inquires about how luhan and kris met.

"we got off to a very fiery start," kris replies with a smirk, and we intend to keep it that way.")


let's get s-naked
pairing: kris/luhan-focus
rating: pg-13
wordcount: 1510w
request: Hi! Could I have a Krishan fic with pets?
a/n: standalone.

Pets are great. Pets provide companionship. They relieve stress. They give you unconditional love and expect nothing more than food and shelter in return.

So yes, pets are just wonderful.

Normal people get a tiny kitten, a mewling little ball of fluff, maybe a puppy if they're energetic people.

Luhan and Kris are not normal people.
Yixing walks into the common room to find the nauseatingly good-looking couple googling up the price of boa constrictors.

"You do know that our dorms have a no pet policy right?" Yixing asks, just to be sure, because it is best to double check everything when it comes to the boys of the Exo high dorms. 

Luhan, ever the drama queen, gasps in horror and swirls around to stare at Yixing with widened eyes. "How dare you call Udon a pet? She's practically family!"

"You named your yet unbought snake after a noodle," Yixing deadpans with a lightly raised eyebrow. He peers over Kris's shoulder to look at the search results and recoils at a particularly graphic image of a snake ingesting a poor rat.

"Udon is a cute name," Kris comments mildly, eyes never leaving the computer screen. Should he get a boa constrictor or a tree snake? He's partial to the boa constrictor but Luhan pointed out that the tree snake sways, kind of like Jongin when he gets high on his lollipops, and it's hard to argue against that.

"What are you going to feed them?" Yixing selects a bean bag opposite them and makes sure to lean away and not forward, just to make sure that the crazy isn't contagious. "You do know that the nearest pet store is in town and that's a thirty minute car ride away."
Luhan waves a dismissive hand in the air. "We’ll just catch rats around the school buildings or something."

"We don't have a rat problem; not with Jongdae's face," Kris can't help but snipe.

Even Yixing, who is normally the kindest among their little group of friends snickers into his fist.

Udon arrives two weeks later in a Styrofoam box that has holes poked in the cover. She's a majestic thing of beauty, three feet of a young boa constrictor with geometric markings running along her body, dark cross bands forming patterns of ovals and diamonds all over her moldy brown scales.

"She’s beautiful," Luhan gasps, running his hands over the smooth scales. He lets out a delighted sound of surprise when Udon's muscles constricts slightly, sending ripples underneath his fingers.

Kris lets out a murmur of agreement because she is beautiful, and the sight of Luhan fawning over their new baby sends a surge of pride through him, igniting the paternal instincts that he never knew he had.

Udon's forked tongue flickers out at Luhan and the smile Luhan returns her is practically blinding.

"Oh my god she likes me!"

Kris doesn't have the heart to tell his boyfriend that Udon was probably just testing to see if Luhan is edible, so he sets a large palm on Luhan's back and lets the older boy snuggle up closer. It's a heart-warming picture of a makeshift family, linked together by a new baby of the scaly kind.

All is fine...

... Until Luhan forgets to put the lid back on the terrarium after feeding Udon.

"I lost her," Luhan shrieks as he waves the terrarium lid in the air, one decibel away from being hysterical. "I lost my one and only responsibility."

Well, technically Luhan is a student, and a prefect, and an only son, so there are responsi- no, wait, nevermind.

"Shh," Kris rubs comforting circles on Luhan's back and whispers assurances into his hair. "We’ll find her."

"Udon," Luhan chokes out in a sob and lets himself be enveloped by Kris, warm hands smoothing over the knobs of his spine.

Because Luhan has no sense of privacy (when asked, he claims that China does things differently; it's a cultural thing. Yixing begs to differ) he pokes his head into Chanyeol's room without bothering to knock. "Hey, have you guys seen Udon?"

Chanyeol stops sucking Baekhyun's face long enough to cock his head, cutely confused. "No, I have not seen a bowl of noodles?"

"Fuck off," Baekhyun bites out, thoroughly annoyed at the loss of Chanyeol’s touch.

"Uh. Udon is my snake."

Just then, Baekhyun feels something hard and long pressing against his leg and he freaks out, leaping out of the bed. His screams can be heard across the courtyard and Chanyeol later has to use a poster of TVXQ to cover the hole in the ceiling where Baekhyun's head dove straight through.

"This is hilarious," Luhan says when they've established that Udon is in fact, nowhere near Chanyeol's room. It seems that Chanyeol just got a little too excited while making out with Baekhyun and had trouble controlling his teenage hormones.

"Sorry," Chanyeol apologizes sheepishly. He gestures uselessly at his crotch and despite the loss of his beloved pet, Luhan snorts in laughter.

Baekhyun glowers and adds another mark to the growing Reasons to Kill Luhan list. (The list is shared by Sehun and Jongdae, and Jongdae adds a mark every other day, only for Sehun to protest for his hyung's sake and quietly erase the marks.)

The warm, friendly atmosphere is interrupted when another scream sends Luhan scrambling in the direction of the dorm's makeshift kitchen.

When Luhan skids to a stop, he almost crashes face first into Kris's back, his boyfriend having beat him to the kitchen. 

The first thing Luhan sees when he tiptoes to peer past Kris's shoulder is Kyungsoo, dinner plate eyes fixed on a spot near the floor, one hand over his chest and the other gripping the kitchen counter.

Then Luhan lets out a tiny gasp of relief. Udon is curled up happily around the front leg of the refrigerator, attracted by the warmth radiating from the kitchen appliance.

"Don't worry, Kyungsoo," Kris assures the startled boy, his voice low and steady. "She's harmless and I'll get her out of your way."

"Thank you," Kyungsoo says quietly. He blinks once, offers a shaky smile at Kris, and then promptly passes out. Luhan barely catches Kyungsoo's head in time before it knocks onto the unforgiving kitchen counter.

It turns out Kyungsoo has a crippling fear of snakes after a traumatic experience with a garden hose. ("It was trying to kill me," Kyungsoo later gasps, and Jongdae gently agrees that gardening tools are a very scary thing.)

In the ensuing chaos of trying to transfer Udon back into her terrarium and sending Kyungsoo off to the nurse, the school gets wind of the source of the commotion.

And so Luhan and Kris end up standing meekly in the principal's office, hands folded in front of their abdomens.

"I am disappointed in all of you," the principal says sternly, tapping a ruler against the mahogany table to sound i) more intimidating ii) more annoying, whichever one. "Especially you, Kris. You've had such a great track record."

Luhan huffs. Why isn't anyone disappointed in him anymore? Doesn't he have a great track record too? He is an honour student, one on a full scholarship at that, and a prefect to boot. So what if he is suspiciously present every time a fire, a food fight or a prank happens on school grounds, but he is just exercising his prefect duties and making his rounds around school! South Korea is a fair country, so he's sure that innocent until proven guilty rule applies here too.

Still he knows better than to further enrage the man who could potentially cancel his free ride of education, so he lowers his lashes and flutters them at the principal, softly murmuring an apology.

Kris's mind has long drifted off to what he wants for lunch -Lasagne? Pizza? Anything cheesy and dripping with grease so that he can push his teenage metabolism further. He keeps silent, eyes unfocused and staring off behind the principal at the books lining the office's shelves.

The principal is too taken by Luhan’s fluttering lashes to notice.

Udon is sent back amidst a sea of tears and snot-filled goodbyes. Kyungsoo guiltily offers to make kimchi spaghetti for Luhan because he feels partly responsible. Unfortunately word gets out that Kyungsoo might have been the reason why Luhan is seen with a unhappy frown on his lips, and Kyungsoo suddenly gets a tirade of hate mail from Luhan's impressive fan club for making "Luhan sunbae" cry. The blood letters only stop when Jongdae not-so-discreetly posts a warning on the front page of Exo High's student newspaper to destroy anyone who threatens Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo turns even paler after that.

Kris and Luhan end up getting matching marimos.

"Who’s the best moss ball? Momo, you the best moss ball!" Luhan coos and sticks a finger into the jam jar to stir the water, causing the green moss ball to swirl around and emit little bubbles of air.

By now, Yixing has given up on questioning the mental wellbeing of his friends.


marimos are little moss balls that people keep as pets. asia. lol. i have one but it died :(

i'm sure most of you know this, but don't get a boa constrictor if you're new to pet snakes. plus, they grow fast. a ball python would be a much better choice. although once you've seen a snake ingest a hamster live, i'm not sure if you even want snakes. ... that was a traumatizing experience. (again, it would be safer to prekill your feed)

and... i apologize for this whole mess. this is why i don't do requests xD okay bye.

Tags: - au: high school, - requests, group: exo, luhan/kris, suho/kai
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