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the trap and orbit of you

the trap and orbit of you
pairings: kris/jongin/luhan (also lukai, krishan and kriskai)
rating: NC-17
wordcount: 5310
a/n: so named because i got this idea while listening to epik high's fallin'. not angst, i assure you. also, i've never written exo canon before so i'm honestly a bit nervous. plus first real smut!

Jongin clings to Luhan when EXO-M comes back to Korea. Everyone clings to Luhan, everyone wants a piece of him, but Jongin is the one that Luhan's eyes flicker to even when Luhan pays more attention to needy little Sehun. It's a different kind of need between Jongin and Luhan, Wufan thinks. Perhaps the most dangerous.

Luhan has Yixing for heart-to-hearts, Sehun to dote on, Minseok to play football with and Tao to shop with, but when Jongin's there he always seems to be more present. It's like there's something in Jongin's steadiness that anchors Luhan down, makes him a little less crazy and a little more grounded. Luhan stops being so wound up and actually laughs at Jongin's suggestions for him to "mellow out". The last time Wufan told him to chill, Luhan stole all his clothes while he was in the shower and turned off the hot water.

The two of them are an unlikely pair. They've nothing in common, from clothing tastes to football teams. They weren't even friends before EXO was formed, with Jongin mostly keeping to himself and Moonkyu. Wufan envies their easy friendship sometimes. When Luhan and Jongin are together they don't even talk, like they've long gone past the phase of a relationship that needs words. It's weird, because from Wufan's calculations, Jongin and Luhan haven't even really known each other until about 6 months before debut.

Luhan laughs the most freely when Jongin is around, and Wufan wishes desperately that he could be a part of that.

They say you meet your best friends in university. Did they mean that you meet the best friends of your life at the age when you should be attending university instead?

When it's just Wufan and Jongin in one room, the atmosphere is always a bit stilted.

Jongin was the company's star trainee, the only one among all of them who had his debut confirmed. The rumours said that they were only waiting for Jongin to be old enough for the image they wanted for him, and everything could be adjusted around him if necessary. He was their secret weapon, the face and front of a team yet unformed.

Kim Jongin was a very special trainee.

Wufan's trainee days were a very different case.

They bullied him, not as brazenly like they did to Yixing with the locked rooms and knocked over lunch trays, but subtly, because he had his height even back then.

Jongin never partook in the bullying, but more than once, Wufan looked up from scrubbing his soiled sneakers in the bathroom to see Jongin's eyes locked on him, silently studying him. Jongin could stop it all if he wanted to, report this to the higher ups but they both knew he wouldn't. A peaceful trainee life is all anyone wanted, eager to enjoy the last moments of anonymousity before their names pass through the lips of every girl in Korea. Kim Jongin never had the freedom of being unknown, and he wasn't eager to draw more attention than what he had already received.

Wufan dreamt about those eyes at night, dark and furious in contrast with the flat line of his lips. He woke up some nights gasping and hard, resorting to biting in his moans as he jerked himself off messily in the bathroom. If his roommate ever noticed him sneaking off in the middle of the night, he never said anything. It wasn't anything unusual anyway. They were boys in their prime, trapped in a glass prison where they danced and sang and smiled according to how the instructors liked it, all in preparation for an even bigger prison with ever more restrictions. All that pented up frustrations and fear needed an outlet somehow.

Trainee life was hard but it was stable. Wufan drew the schedule of lessons and practice around him like a blanket, because routine was comforting, routine was predictable. All Wufan needed to do was wake up and float through life without much thought. After the hectic first few years of his life, this was exactly what he needed.

And then Wufan was suddenly pushed up into the position of leader, a hastily pulled replacement for the Korean trainee who refused to be sent to China.

"Fuck this," Sunwoong spat, as Wufan watched him throw clothes into his bag. "I didn't spend all that time here to be sent to China." His head jerked up to look at Wufan and Wufan held his breath until Sunwoong whispered the next words. "I told them you would be more suited for the job."

How did it come to this, Wufan thought. Sunwoong was the ring leader of the bullying, the one who orchestrated everything and made his distaste for the foreign trainees the most obvious. And now he was the one pushing for Wufan to be leader.

Sunwoong threw his bag over his shoulder, one duffel bag containing the past two years of his life. He patted Wufan awkwardly on the shoulder, wished him luck and left his dreams behind.

The next week EXO was formed, and Wufan went from being a nobody trainee with no talents to the leader of EXO-M.

Jongin's never been part of the bullying, but he's friends with all of the ones who did.

Suddenly they're in a group and Jongin is nice to him. This is odd, this is weird. Wufan can't adjust to Jongin going out of his way to talk to him when previously they just ignored each other. It's especially hard to swallow when he remembers all those nights of getting off to the image of Jongin, and he burns with shame, jerking away whenever Jongin's arm brushes past him in the album jacket photoshoots.

"It's a wrap! Good work everyone," calls the director and everyone bows to each other as per custom. Wufan bends over instinctively, with Jongin beside him mirroring him.

They've just finished shooting the last shot of the day. Jongin, dressed in full white, sitting on the edge of the window, leaning against the wall with one hand thrown carelessly over a propped up leg. Wufan's pose has him next to Jongin, hands tucked into his pockets, a picture of casual nonchalance. It was an infuriating shoot for Wufan because Jongin looks so good in white, and Wufan jabbed his hands into his pockets perhaps harder than he had to, leaving red imprints that lasted even when he took off his pants after.

Wufan waits until the last staff has left the room before straightening up. Humbleness is what keeps people in this industry, he remembers Yunho reminding them all. Humbleness is what keeps you sane.

He's surprised to see Jongin still standing there, fingers fiddling with the hem of his shirt. "Hey hyung, your hair-" Jongin scrunches up his face in concentration and reaches out to flick the loose strands of Wufan's silvery-green hair away.

"What are you playing at," Wufan growls before he can stop himself, slapping Jongin's hand away. It's been a very long day and the last 30 minutes of holding himself back has his head in a bad place. He knows why Jongin is being nice, but it doesn't help the feelings he's trying to fight, and he's tired, so tired of the responsibility being thrown onto him all of the sudden and the endless nights of recording and practice. Jongin is just a convenient punching bag for his emotions.

When he catches Jongin's eyes he expects to see defiance. What he sees instead steals his breath away. Hurt, confusion, sincerity.

"We're a team now, hyung," Jongin says quietly. He grabs his bag from the chair, slings it over his shoulder and leaves the room.

Wufan thinks of Sunwoong and his taunts, Sunwoong and the way he held his head high as he exited the dorm. He watched Sunwoong until the ex-trainee disappeared around the corner and secretly followed him to the train station, where Sunwoong finally broke down into heaving sobs.

Maybe people aren't what they seem. Maybe the hardest faces hide the weakest hearts. After all, Wufan has what Jongdae claims is the stoniest face ever, and god knows he still cries at night when he thinks about his mother.

The next time they meet Jongin is still as nice to him as ever, and guilt eats away at Wufan's heart.

Jongin is frustratingly quiet. Despite his onstage persona with the bravado and the overboard winks, with each step that he takes away from the stage it's like he loses a bit of Kai and gains a bit of Jongin. The confidence falls off like crackling paint and the smirk melts into a ghost of a smile, and then nothing at all. The rush of performing is replaced by the suffocating feel of social interaction as people swarm up to him to congratulate him for a job well done.

Wufan has never really found Kai attractive. Sure he's maybe jerked off to the idea of Kai slowly stripping away his glittery pink stage outfit, revealing inch by inch of his tanned sweaty skin. But more than anything it's Kim Jongin with his bed hair and little kittenish yawns that makes Wufan uncomfortable, trying desperately to squelch down the feeling of desire that sparks through him.

It isn't after their first joint performance on Inkigayo that he realizes Luhan knows. They're on stage as twelve on public broadcast for the first time and during the closing, Jongin and Sehun fool around with the confetti that's falling around them. Bits and pieces fall onto Jongin's gelled up hair and Wufan has the insane urge to brush them away.

He jerks his eyes away by force and when he tries to find somewhere else to look, Luhan slowly entwines their fingers together. Wufan glances at Luhan and Luhan smiles before flicking his eyes over at Jongin, and Wufan stops breathing. The fans scream louder than ever at their display of skinship, but Wufan can barely hear them over the thundering of his heartbeat.

Wufan is not surprised when Luhan locks the dressing room door after the rest of the members wander out for lunch and presses him against the wall, right next to the poster of Girls Generation smiling down at them.

"Hey," Luhan says breathily, face so close that their noses brush and Wufan can see the fine lines along Luhan's eyes. "Stop bullying Jongin."

Wufan doesn’t deny the accusation, doesn’t even stop Luhan when the other male presses a kiss to the corner of Wufan's lips. Wufan doesn't flinch, because he's used to this. This is normal, compared to his feelings for the young Jongin. He can accept this. Instead, he cups the back of Luhan's neck and kisses back, twice as fiercely.

Luhan is still holding his hand when he tugs Wufan off to join the rest for lunch.

"I had to drag Duizhang here because someone was too busy monitoring our performance!" Luhan lies easily and no one has any reason to not believe him.

He pushes Wufan down beside Jongin and quickly grabs the other seat next to their main dancer.

"Great job just now," Wufan mumbles to Jongin, and he reaches over to grab a piece of kimchi with his chopsticks, setting it carefully on top of Jongin's steaming bowl of rice.

"Thank you!" Jongin chirps happily and transfers some of his chilli fried pork to Wufan's plate. They're fine now, Wufan thinks.

Behind Jongin, Luhan slides his hand across Wufan's lower back and pats him twice with approval.

One afternoon, Yixing suggests a game of Dance Revolution on the new Wii that they’ve gotten as a gift from fans.

“We’ll split into two groups,” Minseok chirps, scrolling through the list of available songs and settling on Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. He pauses and looks around. “Hey, where’s Luhan?”

Tao looks at the couch that Wufan was sitting in. “Where’s Duizhang?”

Wufan snickers to himself as he punches in the code for Exo K’s dorm one floor above. If he stayed and actually danced (fat chance of him doing that) he would’ve bet that Jongdae would film it all and use it as blackmail fodder. That, or “accidentally” release it as fan service.

“Kyungsoo~” he calls out, poking his head into the dorm, because he’s a bit hungry and a plate of those eggs that Kyungsoo is best at seems tantalizing right now. When he gets no reply, he wanders around the dorm, checking random rooms to find anyone.

He doesn’t find any K members, but he discovers where Luhan went.

Luhan is curled up in Jongin’s bed with a book, Jongin lying next to him. Jongin has his face buried in the crook of Luhan's neck, an arm thrown over Luhan's chest. The gesture is so intimate that Wufan immediately feels his face heating up.

They're not doing anything, so Wufan doesn't know why he feels so guilty when Luhan's eyes flick up and finds him standing there.

"Wufan," Luhan says.

Wufan can see Jongin stiffen, his head lifting up slowly. Wufan forces himself to not flinch when their eyes meet, and it takes more willpower than he expects. This is ridiculous. Jongin is the face of EXO and only four years younger, but he's a mere child. He really shouldn’t be intimidated by the younger man, especially when their friendship, if you could call it that, has been blossoming as of late.

"Sorry, I-"

He already has his hand on the door knob when Luhan's next words catch him off guard. "Hey, no, you don't have to go."

Jongin lifts his head up to look at Luhan sharply but Luhan only smiles. Luhan grins and pats Jongin's butt through the covers, causing the younger boy to let out a sound of disapproval. "We're having a snuggle party!"

Luhan sounds so chipper that Wufan wants to laugh, but he can't bring himself to when Jongin is studying him, waiting for a reaction.

"Jongin is a bit of a bitch and can't sleep unless someone pats him on the head like his mommy used to do," Luhan says, hand reaching out to ruffle Jongin's hair like he's a five year old kid.

"Hey!" Jongin glares at Luhan and slaps him half-heartedly across the chest.

"Anyway, my hand's getting kind of numb. Why don't you take over?" Luhan smiles up at Wufan expectantly.

"Yeah, hyung, be a good leader." Wufan's mind goes into overdrive at the sound of Jongin chipping in, and there's a challenge in the boy's voice. Everyone knows that Wufan can never reject a challenge.

Wufan is still questioning himself as he paces towards the two, Luhan's satisfied smirk practically magnified in his line of vision.

Why is he doing this? It's awkward, climbing into bed and under the covers. He settles next to Jongin, feeling the heat from his body all too clearly. Automatically, Jongin presses himself against Wufan and relaxes his body, guiding Wufan's arm so that it lies across the bed. He rests his head hesitantly on Wufan's arm like a makeshift pillow, and when Wufan tangles his fingers into Jongin's hair, the sigh of contentment that Jongin lets out has Jongin flushing and Wufan feeling even more confused.

Luhan laughs silently into his book, fingers shaking so much he loses his page.

They eventually fall asleep like that, Jongin curled up against Wufan and Luhan with an arm around Jongin and a leg thrown across both Jongin and Wufan.

Wufan wakes up first with the image of Jongin's lips around his cock, cheeks hollowing and saliva collecting at the side of the mouth. This is nothing new, of course, but things are different when the bandmate you're having wet dreams about is still snugly asleep next to you.

Sneaking out of bed without waking the younger, he takes a long shower, mainly to cool down his morning problem, but also to ponder about what it means for their relationship now. How did they take the leap from an awkward hi-bye-how-was-China acquaintance to sleeping together, albeit platonically?

Jongin seems to think that it means something though, and he gives him secret smiles all week. His touches linger just a bit longer, and while it's nothing like how he clings to Kyungsoo, or playfully bats at Sehun, it's an improvement from total avoidance.

Wufan laps it all up a little too eagerly.

The shower head lets out a sorry stream of lukewarm water before it splutters and roars to life. Wufan absentmindedly makes a note to remind their manager to change it. Ever since they convinced the company that they're capable enough to live without a manager, the task of replacing household items and groceries, as well as the maintenance of the appliances that keep breaking down, have taken a backseat to the busy schedules.

The water gets hotter as the heater kicks in, steaming up the mirrors. He's so engrossed in shampooing his hair that he hears the click of the door closing only too late. Wufan freezes because he's naked, with soap suds all over him, and someone was just there and he's naked.

By the time he flings open the shower curtain the door is already safely closed.

When Wufan walks out while toweling his hair, he finds Jongin on the couch, flipping through the channels.

Wufan swallows down the strange heat burning in his throat, but it doesn't settle well in the pit of his stomach either. His mind is still a foggy haze and he can't even think about what Jongin's presence means.

"Hey," Jongin says but he doesn't look up from the TV. He settles on an old rerun of Running Man, Song Joongki being paired together with one of those young starlets that Wufan can never remember the name of.

"Luhan went out with the manager," Wufan says. Did you see, Wufan does not ask.

"Yeah, I figured that out when I saw that his room was empty," Jongin replies. He does not bring up the bathroom.

"We could still hang out," Wufan suggests, draping the towel over his head and trying to ignore the little devil on his shoulder that's whispering you're alone in the dorm, among other things. He feels like he’s back in high school again, stuck in a foreign country with limited language skills, trying to invite his desk mate back to his house for pizza in an effort to make friends.

The day starts with Kim Jongin walking in on Wufan in the shower and ends with Kim Jongin hitting Wufan over the head with a game controller because Wufan is "so stupid that you can't even remember the rules right? SHOOT THE ENEMY, NOT ME." Wufan doesn't even call Jongin out on his impudence because it's the most fun he's had in a long time.

"Hey." Wufan is shaken awake in the middle of the night by a bright eyed Luhan.

Wufan looks over to where Yixing is still sound asleep. Luhan shushes him laughingly, smashing a finger against his lips. Wufan is too sleepy to even protest.

"Convenience store ramyeon run, just like old times," Luhan says, and there's really no chance to say no when Luhan's already pulling him out of bed. Luhan throws a hoodie at him and Wufan obediently catches it, blearily figuring out the front and back of the jacket.

But the late night runs never included me. The protest in on the tip of his tongue but he decides to tuck it away as he pulls a hoodie over his head.

Luhan starts chattering excitedly the minute the apartment glass doors close behind them. Wufan watches wisps of smoke curl out from the alley. It's cold for November, unnaturally so, and the air evaporates as soon as it hits the air vents.

Jongin is in front of the family mart that's around the corner of their dorm, head held low with his own hoodie pulled over his eyes. They needn't with the disguises, actually. It's 2am on a Tuesday. Too much cover ups could draw suspicion. Wufan's grateful for the cold weather because being bundled up shields his face, not just from prying fans, but also from an inquisitive Luhan, who seems to be constantly searching his face for a reaction that Wufan doesn't want to give.

Jongin's arms move slightly, absentmindedly running through the new choreography and Wufan feels a rush of respect for him. They went through 6 hours of intensive practice yesterday and Wufan never wants to dance again. Jongin's dedication to his art is always admirable. It's something that Wufan, who sees this as a job, as a means to escape his dead end life and provide a better living for his mother, will never understand.

Luhan taps Wufan's arm and does a weird little twitch of his eye that could be a wink. It only emphasizes Luhan's wrinkles. Luhan wants to scare Jongin, and Wufan obliges, slowing down and making his steps lighter.

"Hyung," Jongin cries out before Luhan can even sneak closer, the surprise on his face evident. There's something about the night that makes Jongin a little clingier, because he easily latches onto Wufan's arm and pulls him into the convenience store, an amused Luhan trailing behind.

Luhan and Jongin sit at the counter, their feet swaying in the air as Wufan brings over the three steaming cups of ramyeon on a tray. Kimchi for Luhan, chicken for Jongin ("I'm protecting my throat for the screamo.") and seafood for Wufan. Jongin grins and whips out two eggs from his pocket, which Luhan blanches at because he hates egg in his ramyeon, claims that it waters out the spicy taste.

"Wasn't meant for you." Jongin sticks out his tongue childishly and carefully cracks the egg into Wufan's cup. The water isn't nearly hot enough for the egg to be fully cooked but Wufan doesn't mind.

Jongin breaks the yolk in his ramyeon too, Wufan notices. It's nothing much, but the thought that they share something as small as this makes Wufan smile into his ramyeon.

No one questions why Jongin spends more time at the M dorm when the M boys are in Korea, just as no one questions why Wufan now tags along when Luhan wants to visit the K dorm. They're not the only ones sticking to the boys of the other group. In fact, it's almost like there is no more “other group”. That tagline of 'we are one' that sm so eagerly pushed on them seemed to have sunk in so much that it's permeated every bit of their soul.

"It's so nice how everyone's getting along now," Joonmyun beams proudly over breakfast, watching Minseok bicker with Sehun over who would get the last bowl of fruit loops.

Wufan's eyes drop to his eggs when Luhan and Jongin share a not-so-secret smile, and the rustling of Luhan's pants beside him alerts him to the fact that they're most likely playing footsie. At the breakfast table. With all 12 there. Fucking hormones.

Baekhyun chokes on his cereal and spits out with much difficulty, "That's my crotch, Jongin, you ass."

They manage to resuscitate Jongdae with Minseok's surprising first aid abilities after a piece of cornflakes gets stuck in his throat during a particularly violent fit of laughter.

When Jongin's not over, Wufan finds himself wondering about the littlest details. They fly between Korea and China so often that Wufan can’t even tell the two apart anymore. He remembers where he is by the people he’s around. Luhan is the constant, Jongin is the variable. Locations don’t really matter, except for the language that he has to use.

"What do you think K is eating now?" he muses over his meal of ja jiang mian. He stirs the black bean noodles absentmindedly, getting some of the sauce all over his chopsticks. His hand will be stained by the time he finishes eating.

Jongdae looks at him strangely, but dismisses it with a shrug. "Kimchi jjigae or something like that."

Minseok pouts down at his bowl of thick, starchy meat geng and fishes all the bamboo shoots out of his soup. The food is China is always so oily and packed full of unknown flavorings and preservatives. It doesn't do much for his palette, and certainly does not help his diet. "I miss Korean food."

"Just be thankful you get to eat at all," Wufan scoffs. "I could inform the manager that you want to get back on your diet-"

Minseok throws a meat ball at Wufan and after Jongdae gets socked in the arm by Yixing for his quip of "No playing with balls at the table!", everyone digs in with extra relish.

The second time Wufan catches Jongin and Luhan in bed, it isn't quite as innocent.

He walks into Luhan and Yixing's shared room to demand back the sweater which Yixing borrowed but never returned, and finds something much more surprising.

Luhan has two fingers knuckle deep in Jongin, twisting and stretching the ring of muscle. Jongin's face is pressed down onto the bed, his knuckles white from gripping the sheets too hard.

"Hi," Luhan smiles and slowly, slowly pulls his fingers out, the light from the bedside lamp catching on the strands of lube stretched between his fingers and Jongin.

Jongin keens, high and needy, at the loss of friction and juts his ass out, desperate for more. Through his half-lidded eyes, he finally notices Wufan, and very deliberately lets out a moan, wriggling his ass to try to entice Wufan. Luhan pats Jongin's cheek at that, as if rewarding the younger boy's actions, and plunges a finger back in, drawing a loud squeak from Jongin.

"Fuck," Wufan breathes out.

Leaving never even crosses his mind.

"You dream of this, Wufan?" Luhan asks, voice sweet and angelic, but the smile on his face says otherwise. "Jongin is waiting for you. So eager."

"Luhan," Wufan warns with gritted teeth. Fucking little devil. Luhan needs to stop being such a tease and an ass. He needs to be punished. But later, after he's done with Jongin.

Jongin pulls Wufan down when Wufan is close enough, making the older man fall onto the bed on his knees. Immediately Wufan is pushed down and straddled by Jongin, Jongin’s fingers making swift work on his pants, pulling the sweatpants down easily. Wufan doesn’t think, just lifts his hips to allow Jongin to ease his boxers down as well, exposing his rapidly hardening cock. All the while Luhan keeps his fingers in Jongin, stretching him slowly but steadily.

Wufan hisses and throws his head back when Jongin swirls his tongue around the tip of his cock, and then stretches his lips around his cock. Wufan’s much too big to fit in Jongin’s mouth so the younger boy wraps his fingers around what’s left and pairs his head bobbing with pumps of his wrist, saliva and precum acting as lubricant. It's obvious he's new at this, too sloppy and with too much teeth, but his enthusiasm is commendable. This is everything Wufan has ever imagined and more, because in his dreams, Jongin is bobbing around his cock, but there is no half naked Luhan in the picture.

Suddenly, Luhan pulls his fingers out from Jongin and the emptiness has Jongin stopping his ministrations, head twisting to glare at Luhan. “Luhan!” Wufan whines, because fuck, anyone who gets in his way of a blowjob needs to die a horrible death, but the fans probably wouldn't appreciate EXO M’s poster boy when he’s dead.

They get their revenge when Wufan pounds Luhan’s ass so hard that Luhan screams obscenities in two languages into his pillow, ass cheeks rubbed red and raw from the slapping of skin. Jongin keeps a firm grip on Luhan’s cock, forming a makeshift cock ring, and ignores Luhan’s pleas to let him come. Instead he leans over to kiss Wufan roughly, which makes the elder male slow down his thrusts in order to properly lavish attention on Jongin’s plump lips. It’s even more torturous for Luhan when Wufan decides to slow down to an almost painful pace because he’s hard enough that it hurts, but Wufan makes sure that he’s never close enough to come.

“I fucking hate both of you,” Luhan sobs, his body spineless and languid from the ruthless thrusts.

He has fewer complaints when Wufan sucks him off while Jongin rides Wufan, the youngest of the three gritting his teeth as he slides down onto Wufan’s cock. The tightness and wet heat has Wufan accidentally putting too much pressure with his teeth on Luhan’s member, and that’s how they find out that Luhan has a pain kink. It’s something Wufan stores away for future reference.

Luhan comes first, the feeling of Wufan’s teeth dragging across his dick too much after a round of being well fucked. Wufan manages to pull back in time because no way in hell is he going to swallow, but that only results in Luhan coming in spurts over his face. Luhan giggles at Wufan’s horrified expression and Jongin seats himself down to the hilt before leaning over to lick Luhan’s cum off their favourite Duizhang’s face. The combined effect of being fully buried inside Jongin and having his tongue darting across the sticky liquid on his skin causes Wufan to reach his limit and for a moment, all he sees is white as the waves of pleasure rocks his body. Luhan, ever so helpful, reaches out to pump Jongin’s dick, bringing him to completion with a few quick strokes.

“Ew,” Jongin says after they’ve all come down from their high. He gently eases himself off Wufan’s limp dick and winces as the white cum trickles down his thigh. Luhan, who has curled up against the crook of Wufan’s outstretched arm, blinks at them sleepily and runs a palm across Jongin’s thigh, swiping the cum across more skin.

“You’re gross,” Jongin complains, batting Luhan’s hand away. He snuggles up to Wufan and whispers so softly that Wufan almost misses it. “I love you two anyway.”

Luhan presses a kiss to Wufan’s ribcage and mumbles, “I love you too.”

Wufan rolls his eyes at the sappiness of the other two and doesn’t return the sentiments out loud but inwardly he thinks, I think I’ve loved both of you since I met you.

Jongin leaves for Korea the next day, and Wufan sneaks chaste kisses in the shadows of the van's backseat, trying to ignore the knowing smile on Baekhyun's face and the manager's incessant questions about why Wufan had to personally see K off. Luhan wanted to follow as well but his back hurt too much for him to move. (“Must be all that dance practice you've been putting in,” Wufan says innocently, earning him a death glare from the Luhan who is groaning in bed.)

"I just wanted to be a good leader," Wufan says, fingers pushing up Jongin's blue sweater and trailing across the exposed skin of his back. It draws a shiver from Jongin and the younger boy bites his lip, staring out the window in an effort to will away his erection.

Wufan wants to laugh, until Joonmyun starts making unfunny little joking comments about there being only one leader in EXO-K, and Wufan has to climb over the front seat to play strangle Joonmyun.

"Next time?" Jongin asks before they leave for the boarding gate, a bit uncertainly. He's been strangely subdued the whole morning, even quieter than usual.

"Next time," Wufan promises, discreetly holding Jongin's hand and rubbing reassurances into his palm with his thumb. And then as an afterthought, drops his voice and whispers, "I'll call you tonight. Make sure you're alone when you pick up."

Wufan is sure that the hungry flash in Jongin's eyes mirrors his own. Luhan would most certainly approve.


tbh the only reason why i wrote this was to put the idea of krishankai in someone's head and please, please, please, someone write it. for me? for fandom? for the greater good of the whole world?
Tags: !rating - r/nc-17, group: exo, ot3: kris/jongin/luhan
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